The Benefits of Telemedicine

Telemedicine benefits all constituencies in the healthcare ecosystem. A powerful example of the benefits of telemedicine  is demonstrated in this video.

Improved patient care

Telehealth gives health systems the ability to improve patient care.  It enables providers to deliver specialty care to patients regardless of location, assist with chronic disease management, provide continuous monitoring of in-hospital, rural, or home bound patients, and improve the patient experience by offering convenience, connection, and access to care.  Patients benefit due to the convenience, reduced cost, and improved care.

Provider benefits

Telemedicine benefits providers by developing and extending their expertise using collaboration, driving more referrals, and in some cases, creating a new revenue stream.  Physicians find telemedicine convenient.  It increases their availability and balances resources.  Physicians find the collaboration opportunities using telemedicine to be fulfilling and meaningful.  The ability to see the distant physician or provider using video and multiple sources of data makes for a more robust experience.  Rural physicians, specifically, have found collaboration with urban physicians valuable to patients and meaningful to their professional growth. Tumor boards, grand rounds, and other consultations can also be powered by telemedicine technology.

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