“You have ideas.  We make them happen.”

INNOVIA Healthcare Innovation Advisors work with select organizations to successfully identify, plan, and implement healthcare innovation.  With a deep background in telehealth / telemedicine (more than 45 projects!) and other healthcare innovation projects, we work from a foundation of process and methodology. We collaborate with you to ensure the solution will successfully launch, scale and be sustained.  We use a six-point plan to execute with excellence and precision.

1. Strategy:  We identify the problem or objectives, then work with you to closely tie a solution to a value proposition. Then, we identify metrics that will measure a successful project.

2. Select:  Next, we help organizations in make unbiased technology decisions that are smart and well-reasoned.

3.  Plan: Then, we work with you to plan a successful pilot or widespread launch.

4. Implement:   We create operational process, policy and procedures, train staff, ensure technology works, and develop a template to sustain and grow the project.

5. Measure:  We review the metrics to ensure that the solution is successful.

6. Evaluate:  After a meaningful period of time we determine if the project has met the objectives.  Working with you, we determine if the project can scale and/or be sustained.

We have worked for nationally recognized healthcare systems, partnerships and skilled nursing facilities.  We are consultants, professors, and operators.

INNOVIA understands your projects and successfully launches them!

Integrity. Excellence. Impact. INNOVIA